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The Content Factory Tailors Public Relations Services to Meet Shifting Market Dynamics in the Middle East

Building brand awareness and equity are essential to growing your business


Good information resonates…
Customers today prefer to search for and find the information they seek, rather than being targeted by irrelevant content. They prefer consuming opt-in information services and content from media sources that they trust. They are constantly on the move, picking up newspapers at airports and reading magazines in boardroom waiting rooms. They check their emails at 3AM and plan their days in taxi cabs. They attend exhibitions and conferences, check into cafes and out of hotels. On the weekends, they may watch TV, maybe a movie, catch up with their friends and reading.


Why should they listen to noise…
The message here is that people are busy and constantly on the run. Their time spans are limited and so is their attention. The question then becomes, how do you engage with them? In this noisy, fast-moving world where people have a very limited inclination towards advertising, and even less so for intrusive direct marketing, how do you tweak and maintain their interest?


People want access to simplicity…
“From my experience running The Content Factory, which started off as purely a public and media relations agency, I’ve learnt that we need to continually hack the status quo, understand the markets within which we operate and keep things simple. Draw straight lines, we call solutions, that connect content to audiences,” says Layth Dajani, founder and CEO of TCF.


Where good information resonates…
Buyers flow into markets equipped with the knowledge they need to evaluate the products and service they want to buy, and the budgets they are willing to spend on them. So too must content, flow into these markets, to meet consumers and enterprises, looking to conduct transactions.


When information becomes knowledge…
“You have to make sure that you are there. When someone searches for information related to your business or cause, your information needs to be there. Now whether this is on a page of a newspaper, a magazine or in broadcast, online or offline, information becomes knowledge if and when it is relevant,” notes Dajani.



And decisions are made...

Equipped with knowledge. This is where the battle rages. To create the content that resonates and converts information into knowledge. This is where the battle is won. This is where public relations expertise and experience meets impactful content and powerful distribution channels.

The ability to reach decision makers with the information they need to satisfy a need, whether it be a complicated technology solution, a consumer product or a healthcare service. Through the mediums that they trust, whether traditional - print, TV and radio - or online and social. That’s what good PR delivers. Thought leadership messaging consistently reaching your target audiences across multiple platforms.



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