Optimized news production

The Content Factory Builds and Customises Content Clouds for the Middle East’s Markets

Integrating marketing communications agency generates optimized, original news content that generates ROI and coverts content to business opportunity


“If content is king, then we believe optimisation to be its crowning glory,” notes the founder and CEO of The Content Factory (TCF, for short) Layth Dajani. “Optimized news content enhances is able to maintain traction throughout its lifecycle. Whether it’s text, images or audiovisual, we produce news content that not only generates coverage in newspapers, magazines, online news sites, TV and radio, but that also gains traction on the digital landscape. For the Middle East region, we produce content in both Arabic and English.”

Strategically speaking, online marketing assets – such as websites, social sites, campaign landing pages – need to be kept alive through a consistent flow of quality content aimed at attracting new customers or investors. 

“Our objective is to reach audiences through rich, optimised news content that impacts across multiple platforms, within a specified timeframe. We create ‘Optimised News Content Clouds’, which are made up of optimised news streams that have the ability to flow across all relevant media platforms to meet targeted audiences more frequently. We have the ability to communicate with business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer audiences,” adds Dajani.

Simply put, TCF has developed a process controlling the production, publishing and distribution of valuable information to promote their clients’ businesses. TCF’s Content Clouds are made up of content items such as interviews, opinion pieces, news articles, press releases, case studies, whitepapers, blogs, news videos, infographics, photography, graphics and audio content for radio. 

“We make sure that the content is original and news worthy, with a constant eye on related keywords which are continuously integrated into the content. Once the content has been produced, distributed and monitored, it continues to live in the Cloud. We've created a shared content repository, online and accessible to all, on our proprietary news publishing platform, TCFnewswire, that eliminates content chaos and extends the content's lifecycle to infinity,” explains Dajani.

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