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For business owners looking to transform their website into a digital business and marketing managers looking to energize their company's Middle East targeted digital marketing assets


The Content Factory (TCF for short) is an integrated communications agency that provides seamless holistic services across your entire marketing function. Within the digital realm, our services integrate your digital journey, helping you to build productive digital marketing assets as you go. Whether you are a business owner looking to transform your website into a digital business or a marketing manager looking to energize your digital marketing assets in the Middle East region, TCF provides high quality, high impact services, that push the dial and create new opportunities for your business.

Our expertise in public relations (PR), story telling and digital design gives us the edge. We produce search engine optimized content at source. Our editorial relationships with influential media companies, publishers and platforms enable us to gain high value earned media and positioning, as a natural part of our service.

Our experience in advertising and brand positioning gives us an edge in designing and managing pay per click (PPC) and display advertising campaigns. In understanding your audiences and knowing where, when and how to reach them. Our integrated business model gives us a unique perspective, understanding your overall business objectives and executing campaigns, across all your digital marketing assets, to maximize the conversions that drive your business.


Landing pages for Middle East lead generation campaigns...

Our experience in online and digital marketing goes back to 2006 when we launched TCFnewswire, our own content production and distribution website. TCFnewswire is the only search engine optimized content site of its kind in the Middle East. Companies that subscribe to the TCFnewswire service get a multi-purpose 'microsite' that acts as an organic search engine lead generation platform in both Arabic and English. The microsite comes SEO integrated and content optimized with the ability to generate leads immediately.

TCFnewswire runs on TCFcmsPLUS, our own proprietary content management system, that has capabilities that far outstrip the major CMS systems in the market. And over the years, TCFnewswire has become the leading SEO driven news website that puts companies and their content on the search engine map in the Middle East.


Transforming websites into 'Digital Businesses'...

Putting all of this together, TCF is best positioned to transform your website and other digital platforms into a powerful digital business. This applies to ecommerce and service based businesses. Whether you are selling products or promoting your services, we can help you develop an overall business strategy to build and monetize your digital presence. We are very experienced at converting your web analytics into business information. We are very experienced at transforming that information into executable goals that transform your website into a digital business.


Website takeovers...

The biggest challenge facing business owners as they venture into the digital world is knowledge. This is quickly followed by finding the skills needed to plan and execute your digital business plans. This is where TCF comes in to alleviate your pain and uncertainty by developing a measurable, trackable, goal driven program that best suits your business needs. In essence, we can take over your website, whether it runs on WordPress, Joomla, or custom CMS systems, taking full responsibility for your hosting, continuous technical and content optimization, trouble shooting technical issues that may arise, and advising on functionary developments that will add value to your business.


New website?

Planning to take your business online? We can help you plan for the move. From hosting, website design, development, CMS integration to the search engine optimization (SEO) and technical required to make your digital business visible to search engines and audiences.

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